Saturday, May 12, 2012


Format: iPad, iPhone
Price: Free
Vendor: iTunes

Personal organizer for the teacher. Allows you to take notes, import pictures, set seating arrangements and more. 

RH: This is a pretty good organization app. It does the things mentioned above but the main reason I like it is that you can set seating arrangements with pictures and then print it out for your subs. That is about all I have used it for. One major issue is that I had to take pictures of each student to import. A very quick and easy task with the iPad. Who can wait until pictures come back anyway?

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  1. I first use TeacherPal to both log behavior and keep track of attendance. For attendance, it is easy enough to make it into a student job at the beginning of class. I have since moved my behavior log to Evernote. TeacherPal is too cumbersome to input other student data, in my opinion, and the fact that Evernote is in the Cloud allows me to access it anywhere.