Monday, May 7, 2012


Format: iPad, Droid, PC, Mac
Price: Free
Vender: iTunes,

Web page aggregator and organizer – able to share with the web or individual email accounts. Able to search for related interests, borrow from anyone on the web, and share with anyone on the web. Internet-based with iPad app.

RH: This organization tool is one of many for iPad. The beauty is that you can use it on your iPad and it automatically pushes an update to your desktop and vise-versa.  You can also send an entire pearl tree or just one web site to anyone via email.


  1. I use this app all the time. It is a great way to organize web pages of special interest. Instead of making "icons" on my iPad, I can place them into groups and access them very easily for class use or personal use. Also, the web page is "live" on the web for further search.

  2. Today I wanted to expand my interest in the flipped classroom so I opened my Pearl most closely related to that and clicked RELATED INTERESTS at the top bar. Up popped a ton of other pearls related to the topic that other people had already gathered. I could have just googled the topic but these were already related.