Saturday, May 12, 2012


Format: iPad, iPhone, Android
Price: Free
Vendor: iTunes, Google Play

Bar code and QR code scanner app. This app reads codes and interprets them giving you an option to continue to the URL connected to a voice message or webpage.

RH: There are a lot of code readers out there but this is the one with which I've had the most success. The measure of success for code readers is how quickly the reader locks in the code and gives the message. I have placed QR codes on my web page for students to scan for hidden messages or statements. Codes are lots of fun and guarantee student engagement.

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  1. QR codes are those sgiggly lined squares you may have seen on billboards or product labels. Properly scanned they reveal additional information or a path to a web page. Some reveal a message and some even reveal a spoken message. Red Lazer has the ability to make them as well as read them.