Saturday, May 12, 2012


Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod
Price: 9.99
Vendor: iTunes

Nice word processing app which allows you to export in Pages, Word, or PDF format. You may import videos and run them as well. Pages works with iCloud so all your iOS devises will be up to date and will allow you to continue your work on the go.

RH: Pages is one the heavy hitters within the Apple lineup to compete with Microsoft word processing programs. This app can be compared to the word processing that is available on Mac machines. Reviews are not stellar for this app but it is probably one of the better word processing apps available for the iPad. I use a number of note pad type of apps including Pages. It is the most versatile and saves to iCloud.

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  1. I have to say that as a former non-kool-aide drinker (no Apple products) I am having a few learning curve issues with Pages. It still does not "feel" like Word. Although, CloudOn does offer ways of editing and working with Microsoft programs such as Word. And, it is still free. So far. I am going to give Pages some time to grow on me.