Saturday, August 25, 2012

Web Browsers to View Flash Video


Format: iPad
Price: $2.99
Vendor: iTunes
Skyfire allows you to watch Flash videos that otherwise don’t work on iPhone! Ever see a 'black rectangle' instead of a video while browsing with the native iPhone browser (Safari)!? That's when you need Skyfire!


Format: iPad
Price: $4.99
Vendor: iTunes

Photon Browser is a powerful new browser with Flash capability designed to enhance your browsing experience on the iPad. We have been the #1 paid browser on the app store for several months and you can read reviews on the web on why we are the best Flash browser for the iPad.


Format: iPad
Price: Free
Vendor: iTunes

Rover is powered by the iSwifter platform (the world’s first cloud-based Flash streaming platform for mobile devices). We have specifically designed Rover based on feedback from teachers, IT directors and administrators from schools across the country.

RH: I have tried two of these three "Flash" enabled browsers. The point here is that iPad does not support Flash. Therefore, anytime you wish to view a video built with Flash you will get a message saying that you need to download Flash. You cannot do that with the iPad. That's where these browsers or one like them come in. Rover works fine, is free, but is slow, and a bit unstable causing you to be kicked out of your video. Skyfire is popular but has not had as many positive reviews at Photon. The price on Skyfire has just lowered from $4.99. Photon is the one I like best. Each time I come across a Flash video I just copy the URL of the site or video, open Photon on my iPad, and paste the URL in the box at the top. When the site opens and the message that it is Flash appears, I click on the lightening bolt which then runs the flash video perfectly.


Format: Web Based (Flash only)
Price: Free and Paid versions
Vendor: PowToon

PowToon is a brand new presentation software that is so simple and intuitive, it allows anyone who ever used PowerPoint or KeyNote to easily evolve their presentations to AWESOMENESS!
PowToon contains themes of animated characters, props and cool transitions which you can just drag and drop into a slide to create eye catching and fun presentations that can be presented in person, or turned into animated videos at the click of a button - to be shared on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.

RH: This is a pretty neat presentation creator. I have made two, so far, and although the learning curve was a little tedious I would use it again here and there. It is currently in beta so it allows you to use it free of charge. I believe they have an educator account as well. I don't know how long before it becomes totally fee based.  In my view I wouldn't use it for content. I would use it for introduction, poster videos, and other announcement type of videos. They are fun to make. Below is Jennifer Cobb's and my first attempt and an AIM High video.