Friday, June 15, 2012

360 Panarama

Format: iPad, iPhone
Vendor: iTunes

This photography entertainment app can take 360 panoramic photos with perfect ease. Panoramas may be shared online, through email, and more.

RH: This is the easiest panoramic photo app I have ever seen. The "stitching" is very seamless and may be used for fun or even for taking a panoramic view of your entire class room in one shot. Worth every penny of the 99 cents in cost. Very fun app and more importantly, very cool.
Here is a sample hosted on line. Check it out. Don't mistake this for Google Earth's Street View.


Format: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
Price: $0.99
Vendor: iTunes

Halftone turns your photos into unique, vintage comics that friends and family will love! More than a simple “photo filter” app, Halftone makes it easy to add paper styles, captions, speech balloons, graphic stamps, and fonts (including built-in comic fonts).

RH: This is an entertainment app that can turn your pictures into fun "comic" like end products. I have had some fun making cards of my grandson's antics.

Just a sample of a Halftone creation. Lots of fun. Also, I signed it using A+ Signature (previous post).

Net Texts

Format: iPad, Computer
Price: Free Demo App
Vendor: iTunes

Introducing the Net Texts iPad app, which lets students use multimedia courses customized by their own teachers instead of a backpack full of heavy books!

RH: This app is amazing and has tremendous potential. I thought it would be fun to create an app that would allow a teacher to aggregate subject matter from open and free resources on the Internet in any subject or area of study. Well, this app does just that. I don't know the details of how this will be priced or if it will be an education open source app. There is a web site introducing it which can be searched under the same name. Awaiting further details. Caution! When you download this app and choose a course to download as well, it will take awhile as it is thick and rich with goodies.

Have Technology Will Travel

Format: iPad
Price: Free
Vendor: Internet Blog

Fishing for good classroom apps? Here is a blog site that has put together a ton of good search sites for the latest apps for classrooms.

RH: As you read down his page you will see Blog Posts, Websites Devoted to Apps,  a Database List of Apps, a group titled "Other," and the author's (Jason Mammano) Personal Must Have Teacher Apps. Granted, these will be reviews from teachers you don't personally know but it is a good resource none the less.