Saturday, May 12, 2012

Socrative Teacher

Format: iPad, Droid, Computer
Price: Free
Vendor: iTunes, Internet

An Internet based program that works from your computer or from your iPad or Droid. This is the teacher version which when connected to student devices works like a "clicker" service with which you may conduct a written or oral quiz. Students may download the "student" version or go to the web page and log in.

RH: I have only experimented a few times with this app. So far I feel that it has great potential. Students may use their personal devices to give you feedback or you can set up individual tablets on the back shelf and have students participate in that fashion. You can choose to ask one question at a time or set it to run at student pace.


  1. James has had the most experience with this app. So far, I have experimented with one practice quiz over a video students took notes on. There were some glitches. Interesting thing though, all problems had to do with the Toshiba Thrives.

  2. I have used this as an affective hook to survey students and as a formative assessment. The great thing about Socrative is that students can access it with any device that is internet capable, and those students that have an Apple device can download the app. Student results can be emailed to you as a spreadsheet.