Thursday, June 21, 2012


Format: iPad
Price: Free
Vendor:  iTunes

Share a great idea... Explain a tricky concept... Help kids with their homework...

RH: This screen casting app is similar to ShowMe and Educreations in that it provides you tools to write and record your ideas over a whiteboard or image. This is a very simple app and also lets you scroll up or down to a new page. The only drawback I see is that you can only import one image or background at a time. You can pause the recording and change the image but cannot have two at once. This app is perfect if you want simple and  no image or one image on the screen at a time.  I really like the three pen choices that are always displayed to make color changes on the fly.The app seems very stable and is made by TechSmith, the same company that makes Camtasia used by Khan.

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