Monday, May 21, 2012


Format: iOS, Windows (via internet browser), Droid (via internet browser)
Price: Free
Vender: iTunes, Google Play

Edmodo creates a message board for students to access teacher created material, respond to items left by a teacher and their peers, and take online quizzes in a Facebook like environment. It does not allow students to message each other, is closed from outside access, and allows for teachers to monitor student work. Students can only access Edmodo when they are given access to a teacher-created groups or classes.

James: I like the potential that Edmodo has, and I am planning on having each student have an account next year. This will let me post Flip instruction, allow absent students to see what occurred in the classroom, and also take formative assessments. The teacher creates groups for students to belong to, which can be classes or small collaborative groups. I tested this for a literature circle, and it has a lot of promise.

Please read the first comment below before setting up your Edmodo account.


  1. Please see me BEFORE you set up your Edmodo accounts so that I can link them to the Discovery page.

  2. After you contact KB, I would suggest you set up your classes and test some processes you may want to use. I put some videos, a quiz, some posts, and made up a fake student in order to see how it looks. It can do many things so there is a bit of a learning curve but there also is plenty of support including on-line support with pretty quick responses. Also, there is an Edmodo community available to see how teachers are using it.

  3. The support for this platform is the best I have ever seen. I just posted a question about logging in via the iPad app. Another user posted the same question one minute after me. Two minutes later, support responded and it was at 10:00 in the evening. Not bad!